Our aim is to mobilise, unite and unleash Christian prayer, investments, donations and volunteering to fight injustice and release the oppressed. In the last year we are delighted to announce that various tenant’s have secured employment, successfully completed training courses, re-established links with their family and reduced their dependencies on drugs or alcohol. On a monthly basis we monitor the following outcomes on all our tenants:

…in the year ending April 1st 2016

In the year ending April 1st 16 we have grown from 26 homes to 36. The maximum number of tenants we housed at any one time was 78. The total we housed over the course of the year was 132. This is an increase in over 50% for the previous year.




Maintain tenancy
91% 12 of the 132 tenants were evicted. 42 moved on well. Our average length of stay is 330 days. Of those that moved on: 9% went to a friend, 5 to a hostel, 37% to other, 25% to private rental, 2% to rehabilitation, 16% to a relative and 9% to social housing
Abstain from crime
87% We housed 39 people who had previously been in custody. 4 returned to custody – one of whom then returned to our house and we continue to work with him.
Reduced their drug intake
92% Of our 132 tenants: 10 have worsened their use of drug or alcohol. 56 of our tenants previously had had a relationship with class a drugs or abusive relationship with alcohol: of those on 9 (7%) worsened their use.
Improved social relations with family.
39% 51 of our 132 tenants have significantly improved / repaired their relationship with their nuclear family.
Volunteered, education or training
40% 40 of our tenants have done volunteering, undertaken education or training.
Got a job
15% 20 of our 132 tenants have got a job and maintained it for more than a month.
Re-paying non-HIA debts
36% 48 out of 132 tenants are repaying non-HIA debts.