Annual Reports


Click on the link below to view a full copy of the Annual Review for 2014/2015. Celebrating five years of Hope into Action and the opening of our 30th home in partnership with the church. Some inspiring articles from tenants and church leaders.

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Click on the link below to view a full copy of the Annual Report for 2013/2014. Well, once again, it has been a great and exciting year. We started with 13 and ended with 21 churches housing the homeless.

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Click on the link below to view a full copy of the Annual Report for 2012/2013. It has been another exciting and full-on year. Now we are up to ten houses in Peterborough, one in Nottingham, a second planned for Cambridge, a second house nearly ready in Norwich – soon to be four in that city. And two in Swindon. Not only are the homeless being helped, but local churches are stepping up to the plate and offering tenants mentoring and friendship that is their undoubted strength.

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We started the year with one house open. By 31st March 2012 we had eight open: one in Cambridge and seven in Peterborough. Additionally we have agreed to partner with a further four Churches so we are confident that in the near future we will be up to twelve houses.

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It has been an extremely exciting first year for Hope into Action. It began with 5 passionate people having a conversation, to semi formal meetings in pubs, McDonalds’ and lounges, to the formation of a charity and the development of a vision. On the ground, we have seen one house up and running, lives transformed and society contributed to by our first clients. We have also raised good support in terms of volunteers, churches, investments and money raised. We are excited by what might happen in the next year.

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Full Set of Accounts: Hope into Action – East of England