Thank you for coming to this page and for considering us. We are a growing organisation and often looking for new staff and volunteers. We want everyone who works for us to love the job they have, be determined to do it brilliantly and  be passionate about seeing churches providing homes and care for the homeless.

We are recruiting:

We opened our first house 7 years ago and are now running 50 homes in Peterborough, Cambridge, Nottingham, Norwich and 10 other towns/cities. Each home is in partnership with a local church and supports 2-3 adults (homeless, vulnerable, ex-offenders etc).

In Nottingham:

In Nottingham we run 6 homes in partnership with 4 churches and are looking to open 2 more  over the coming year. Our homes vary and include support for vulnerable women, vulnerable men and refugees and a refugee family.

We are recruiting 2 positions in Nottingham:

Nottingham Coordinator

This is a key role for the team.

We are looking for a competent, experienced leader and manager who is able to line manage our Nottingham operations. Experience of working with vulnerable adults and the homeless is highly preferable as well as strong management and leadership background. You will need to be passionate about the church with a heart to enabling them into relationships with the tenants in the houses.

We are modelling a facilitative, coaching and empowering approach to leadership which trusts in each staff members ability to manage the project well. Humility and a listening approach will need to be central to your leadership. You may well need to be prepared to do some Empowerment work yourself.

Strong people skills, team work skills, empowering, facilitative leadership and an ability to be organize and self-organize is a strong requirement.

An Application pack can be found here: HIA Application Pack

The JD is here:Job Description nottingham coord 171214

Closing Date: 15th January 2018

Please send applications to


Nottingham Administrator:

We need someone who is an organized and gifted administrator. Able to serve the team, run the petty cash, help with the office administration, liaise with housing benefit, support house maintenance. You will need to be passionate about our work and have a humble attitude and be able to maintain strong relationships with the team and external partners.

An Application pack can be found here: HIA Application Pack

The JD is here:Nottingham Administrator JD 171215

Closing Date: 15th January 2018


Please send applications to